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About MillMark

Established in year 1992, MILLMARK Associates have specialized in supplying quality special purpose machinery, spare parts, accessories and modifications for Spinning Industry. We Supply spare parts and accessories for all globally popular branded machineries. Our supply range covers spare parts and accessories for all brands of Blow Room, Carding, Drawing, Combers, Simplex, Ring Frame, Auto Coners and Two For One Twisters.

Strength Of MillMark

The firm promoted by textile engineer from Coimbatore with 10 years of work experience from LAKSHMI MACHINE WORKS PRIVATE LIMITED, Coimbatore, India. Also he had undergone special Technical Training Courses at RIETER, GERMANY. In India he had visited all Textile centers. He also visited Bangladesh, Srilanka, Indonesia, Germany, Thailand, Tanzania, Kenya, Poland, Malaysia during his tenure at LMW.

Focus & Action

Serving the spinning industry in India and Abroad for more than 25 years in supply of textile machinery, quality spare parts, accessories and equipments for Blow room to Auto Coners and TFO; value added modifications to improve production and quality in various departments; electrical and electronic component systems including energy saving systems.

Products & Machineryspare parts: from blowroom to auto conermachinery: fibre opening / cleaning / recovery

Blow Room

Blow room is the initial stage in spinning process. In blow room the tuft size of cotton becomes smaller and smaller while processing.


Carding is a mechanical process that cleans and intermixes fibres to produce a continuous web or sliver suitable for subsequent processing.

Draw Frame

Draw frame is a machine for combining and drawing slivers of a textile fibre. It is the operation by which slivers are blended, doubled and leveled


To remove short fibres, neps, impurities by using a comb is called combing. It is carried out to improve quality the sliver which is coming out from card.


The chief function of simplex frame is the attenuation of sliver. Insertion of protective twist in order to hold the fine strand of sliver.

Ring Frames

Ring spinning is a method of spinning fibres, such as cotton, flax or wool, to make a yarn from the supplied roving by the drafting process.


Winding operations deals with the conversion of ring frame bobbins into cones. One ring frame bobbin typically contains around 100 grams of yarn.


Twisting is an indispensable means of improving certain yarn properties and satisfying textile requirements that cannot be fulfilled by the single yarns.


Testing fibre to yarn help in achieving world class product. Proper care & maintenance of machinery are integral parts of spinning process.